Vanilla Bean Bundle Giveaway

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Have you ever stopped to imagine what plant-based dairy (or life in general) would be like without vanilla? Well, we can't imagine it!

That's why we're giving away a bundle of our vanilla beans - the very same beans we use to make extracts and inspire our flavors. And as a special bonus, when you enter the giveaway, you'll receive a free download of the Top Vanilla Names by Plant-Based Application.

Imagine the delicious aroma of freshly harvested vanilla beans on your bench - or at home! Whether you're making plant-based milk, ice cream, yogurt, coffee creamer, cream cheese or a protein beverage, these high-quality beans will elevate your food experiences. And with our Top Vanilla Names, you'll know exactly what consumers are looking for.

Entering our giveaway is easy. Simply submit your entry and cross your fingers! Your free download will be in your inbox shortly and we'll select one lucky winner to receive the bundle of vanilla beans. 

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Some consumers say a world without vanilla would be1:

  • "Disappointing" -Gale
  • "A miserable place, not actually fun" -Theresa
  • "I'd probably be thinner but I'd be sadder" -Stephanie

Vanilla is a classic flavor that adds a touch of sweetness and warmth to any food experience. But, when it comes to plant-based dairy products such as milk, yogurt, coffee creamer, ice cream, and cream cheese, vanilla takes on a whole new level of importance. 

Vanilla is likely one of the first sweet flavors we experience in our lives and it is often one of the first flavors considered for plant-based dairy product line extensions. If it is not center stage as a flavor, it can also be the perfect companion to add a touch of sweetness or the background offering masking or creaminess. 

We want to share all of our vanilla goodness, knowledge, and research with you.

Enter the giveaway so you and your plant-based world don't have to go one day without.